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does anyone have those days where you just feel like a complete failure and question the point of your existence on this earth?


Please read guys this is so important, this is Stephen who was diagnosed with   colorectal cancer when he was 15 years old, his condition is no longer curable and he has taken a turn for the worst.

His goal is to raise £1 million (that is $1.6 million US dollars) for the Teenage Cancer Trust before he dies. He is in a very vulnerable position right now, one of his lungs has collapsed, he is in hospital fighting as hard as he can, but it is thought the end for him is very close. He has currently raised £690,000. Can we all please try and get him to £1 million? What better way for him to leave this earth, knowing the difference he has made in his 19 years. Having his life taken away from him so soon is so awful to comprehend, but knowing he has raised such a substantial amount for a charity who has helped him throughout this whole ordeal, a charity that will forever remain close to my heart, and one that helps thousands of teenagers suffering from cancer across the UK and beyond. 

I don’t know how else to spread the word that post it on here and hope that some people will donate, please consider it, if you are unable to, please keep Stephen in your thoughts and pray for his family.

His donation page is:

His Twitter is:

His Facebook page is:

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